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Radio Diest ook even in Finland te ontvangen

De mail van Jim willen we je niet onthouden:

"I am 49 years old, married, a father of two lovely & lively kids and working with a marketing research compa¬ny as a managing director. I also produce a tv-animation show for children, called Dibidogs (www.dibidogs.com), and it is aired already in 30 countries and has over 50 million viewers. My favourite hobbies are sports and listening to foreign radio stations (DX-listening). I work with leading media companies in Finland, including online media, print, tv and radio. Thus I find it extremely interesting to tune into foreign radio stations. Actually radio is both professionally and personally my most favourite media, the one I spend most of my time with. Radio simply reaches you everywhere, is very useful and is so much fun to listen to. The 5th June 2017 was an exceptional day. The space weather (the ES-layer in the upper ionosphere) was active and a lot of European FM-stations were heard in Finland, including the highlight: Radio Diest! The reception was possible for a short time only, but even that made me extremely happy! It was fantastic to catch your station here in Finland!  

I received your station as follows: Date: The 5th June 2017 Time: 19.32 hours Belgian summertime Frequency: 107.9 MHz Radio and antenna: Perseus FM-receiver with a 12-element yagi antenna Reception quality: Moderate to good reception quality for a short time, even though I guess Finland is a bit out of your normal coverage area ;) Programme details: On the enclosed audioclip I have recorded your programme at 19.32 hours with Radio Diest station identification and talk by the programme presenter. It was wonderful to catch your signal and I hope the recording is of interest! I hope you enjoy listening to the audioclip as much as I did enjoy hearing your station."

Once again, thank you very much for your programme. I hope to hear your station in
the future, too